Weekly Photo Challenge : Nostalgic



This weeks photo challenge is really awesome. I had to stumble over my images to pic one. There are so many memories that make me nostalgic yet I managed to pick a couple.
Although these images are my old residential area which is called jumeira village circle I really miss it after shifting a month ago.
Completely deserted with only a few building developing here and there its such a peace of mind to look out of the balcony no matter the hot climate as its got a serene beauty which can never push you indoors.
Nights are the times that reminds you your Abroad with a line up of colorful lights glooming in the dark sky.

Weekly Photo Challenge : Lunchtime

Vegetable fried rice with chicken devil one of my favorite lunchtime meals my aunt used to prepare during family gatherings.
Always reminds me of her culinary skills and the taste. Living abroad and being homesick I always think of the variety if dishes she prepare and this is one dish I managed to prepare to her level.
My aunt used to serve it with a side dish of stir fried brinjal which would be even better if I only could have been able to make exactly as she did, very sad to admit yet the truth is that I am still trying.