Brinjal and shrimp wrap

Making dinner for one is very tough especially when you feel like having something special and delicious yet easy to prepare in 10 minutes.
Going through recipes and finding the right recipe is more time consuming.
Being on a particular diet plan and preparing a healthy meal has always been a challenge to me. Especially being a heavy rice consumer in srilankan style with those delicious spicy meat and curry dishes, one can never follow a diet as cravings take over leaving a second thought like this is the last time I eat or i’ll do my walking and workouts tomorrow and make up for the heavy meals.

I have been working on creating a healthy meal and have successfully gone through various invention test which am really glad I did.
One such recipe is the following brinjal and shrimp curry.
I prepared them from scratch and left over shrimps and made myself two wheat flour flat breads that were salt free and oil free.
Surprisingly my first attempt to prepare a salt and oil free Rotti worked out perfectly and was really palatable, soft and delicious that is soaked in oil with adequate salt Rotti.
I would like to share the two recipes below –

brinjal and shrimp curry
1 medium sized round shaped brinjal
1/4 cup prawns
1/2 a medium onion
Salt to taste
A pinch if tumeric
1/3 teaspoon chillie flakes
1/3 teaspoon chillie powder
A dash of crushed pepper
A pinch of cumin
A large pinch of coriander powder
1 teaspoon oil
A slice of line to garnish

Cooking instructions
1.Chop the onions and brinjal into equal size according to the size of you shrimps.
2. Heat oil in a pan and sauté onions with brinjal for 3-4 minutes stirring continuously.
3. Add all the spices with salt to taste.
4. Continue stirring and cook by adding two tables spoons of water until the brinjal is cooked well.
5. Stir in shrimps and sauté for 3-4 minutes or until the shrimps are cooked fine.
Turn off heat and serve it over a wheat flour flat bread.
Garnished with some lime juice from the slice and sprinkle some corrida fee leaves if you have, I dint have any so I couldn’t use.
Coriander leaves should be added to the brinjal and shrimps soon as you turn of heat which will bind the flavor with the curry.
Serve warm like a wrap or separately with some thick dhal.
This curry is prepared using only one teaspoon oil which is ideal for a person on a 1600 calories diet like me 😊.
To make the salt less wear flour flat bread.
Add a cup of flour and knead with some water as required until the dough is smooth and soft.
Roll out on a board and grill over pre heated pan for 2-3 minutes in each side over a medium low flame.

Hope you enjoy this recipe and will be posting more delicious recipes keep watching.

The healthy part of this dish is its prepared with no salt nor oil and is very thin.


Ready to roll up

squeeze the lime before serving.


Tempering in the pan smelled good


Street food – Isso wadey (prawn vada)

Street foods are always delicious and easily available in many countries at a very nominal price.
One always care for street food for its extraordinary flavor and exciting aroma of the spices sometimes pull us towards the cart.
Sri Lanka is a country with various different cultures and food has a special flavor with the richness of various Sri Lankan spices blended together.
street food is readily available all over srilanka and one can never miss the delicious prawn vada which is called isso wadey in Sinhalese readily available at galle face which is a very high class area surrounded by the Indian Ocean in one side and luxury 5 star hotels in the other side. while I remember the name prawn wadey I really feel how much I miss Sri Lanka.
Walking along the galle face with the sea embracing you with warmth and freshness filled with a ting of saltiness
One can never forget the experience.
I remember my childhood watching the sunset from the steps along the sea and wondering how beautiful Mother Nature is, and realizing the value of time which god has gifted human beings.
As I walk by the sea area there are many stalls selling various stuff but the majority is food.
One can find many carts of isso wade and recently they have introduced crab vada which I couldn’t try it, but had included in my to try list.
Last time I was on vacation I found a couple of tourists inquiring the vendor as to what it is and they bought a few. It is a very unique street food served with a sauce.
Make sure to try it out when you visit srilanka.