Recipe books club (weekly writing challenge – recipeaweek)


We are all addicted to cookbooks sometimes and buy atleast a couple of them in our lifetime or have bought a few which are lying on our shelves for ages. Have you ever tried any of the recipes in them?
Ofcourse we might have tried a couple and would have our own experience on trying out recipes from a recipe book. Some would have a very positive feedback from those who tasted your food some would have faced a tough time with recipes turning up wrong. A few reasons why recipes turn up wrong are either your doing it the wrong way or you have no experience or basic knowledge of cooking.
Thats what I have experienced.
Yes ,I did think that knowing to cook a few meals like rice and curry would be sufficient and buying cookery books will teach me all I need to know about cooking, baking and grilling etc.
It was my self confidence until I had a failure in trying out the recipe which I followed step by step.

But why did I fail to bring up a simple cake by following the recipe step by step?

Yes thats a question.

Has the cookbook author written the recipe wrong?
Ofcourse not, if so would it be published by a famous company. Let alone the famous publisher. People wouldn’t buy such books. People buy cookery books as they trust its the truth unlike novels which is not real but a hobby for some and many read for the joy of reading and passion or for educational purposes.

Then what went wrong when I did bake a cake for the first time in my life?
It was the measurements.
I had never baked nor used a measuring cup when I first baked a cake. So I had no basic knowledge of baking which is why my cake batter went wrong.

Failure is the first step to success

Thats true my failure in baking a cake without any basic knowledge of baking encouraged me to join a class to learn the basics of cooking which was very useful in my life.
I started making delicious meals for my family.
Later on I started creating dishes on my own by watching television programmes and following recipe books.
Finally I found a part time job on recipe writing, editing and rewriting. I started earning a small income which helped me buy stuff online and now am really glad I went for a cookery class.

You might be wondering why one needs cookery classes when the technology has developed so much and finding recipes is just a click away and learning basics is also easy by following videos and tutorials which are freely available online nowadays, but when I was 16 I dint have a facebook, Gmail nor a mobile phone with gprs. I dint have many friends, I was home schooled.
Now dont stop thinking “ok, this story is good for someone who is home schooled and has less friends”
It can be true in some instances but trust me

“What you learn through experience is way too expensive than learning online”

What I learnt through experience is that every recipe has a small difference.
Especially When its baking you need to take care of measurements and temperature which might turn your recipe down.
When it comes to cooking learn the basic and you can create the toughest dish in the world.

The first book I followed when I was 17, yes I know its too old to start cooking but I dint wanna learn until then.

The Challenge

Here is the challenge with details on what you need to do to be a part of this contest.
The very first challenge is to try a recipe by following a book you’ve had for some time no matter how long. Post the recipe with an image of the dish and the book cover.

Tell us how you did it.
Did you follow the instructions step by step?
Was is easy to understand?
Was the measurements in cup or grams?
Did you find it easy to convert the measurements?
If possible give us a step by step image of your dish.
And do not forget to include the comments you got from the testers.
Make it fun by adding pictures of you kid tasting it (if you like only)

Publish the post before next Thursday.
The winning post will receive a recipe free!
And the best part is you get to choose which recipe you want and we will email it to you.

So get going and start making.

If you dont have any recipe books thats ok, go ahead and give us a story about your own recipe book which you’ve treasured for ages or which has been passed on to you by your mother or grandma.
Get pictures of the book it doesn’t matter if its old with torn pages.

There are no rules for this contest apart from one rule.
Always include an image and tag the post with (recipe book club, weekly recipe challenge, recipeaweek)
And leave a link below on the comments section.

Good luck

old is gold



Weekly Writing Challenge : Backward


Finally got my books exchanged and walked out happily capturing panoramic images through my new Samsung galaxy s4.

Its humongous, isnt it?

Its was a very fine day when my hubby’s cousin told me about the logos hope which is a missionary ship with volunteers from many parts of the world working together to help the underprivileged.
Its a ship with a bookfair where people can buy books for a fraction of the retail price. I agree to my cousins wird that the books are very cheap.
I was eager to visit the ship from the time I herd of it. I was searching online for the details of arrival at the colombo harbour.
My favourite Sunday newspaper and a social media site had an article about the ship arrival in sri lanka and I fixed a date with ny family members to make it a day out.

I couldn’t wait to visit the bookfair.
Finally it was a Thursday evening as the clock stuck three we started getting ready expecting the rain to stop as I had an infant whom I had no other option apart from carrying him along.

We started of by four to the harbour and as we reached we had to park our car and get the tickets from where we were escorted into a bus which will take us to the harbour.
As we went closer to the ship I was really happy to walk in. It was my first ever visit to a real ship and my first visit to the harbour.
As we entered we were welcomed by a crew member and was given a short tutorial about how the bookfair works and a short briefing of logos hopes mission.
Soon afterwards we entered the book fair where there were hundreds and thousands of books on various fields. Everuone can find a book if you are interested in reading. I am addicted to cook books and my favourite was a few baking books. I managed to get one and thought my hubby would be interested in dietery books so grabed a couple of them and walked towards the cafe where my family members met and had a chat over a cup of hot chocolate and popcorns. Kids prefered something cool so we got some lime juices and ice creams.

Soon afterwards we came out of the ship through a passage which led outdoors with a line up of benches, a sailors dummy, huge travelling bag which I believe should be the largest in the world (cos I stood inside it and got a few pictures “not that am 7 feet ) there were many sorta of souvenirs like keytags, badges, 3d model ship making sheets, pena and many more.

As we came out of the ship we took some pictures and returned home.
Soon after coming home and freshening up I remembered I forgot to take the pictures on panorama mode and felt like dashing backwards like harry potter does through a time tuner and redoing the photographing. Yet it was impossible so I made up my mind. The same noght I was talking to my hubby about my adventure and the books I found. He was less interested in the books as we both have a very clear knowledge of lowcarb and dietery proportions. Soon after the call I was eager to return the books and get some other book which I badly wanted.


On monday I returned to the ship with my family and selected a few books I wanted and rusged to the counter with a doubt if they might exchange.
I was lucky enough to get the books exchanged and as I came towards the bus I switched my phone camera to panorama mode and clicked a few pictures in various angles.
The best angle is posted on top of the post.


Weekly Photo Challenge : Nostalgic



This weeks photo challenge is really awesome. I had to stumble over my images to pic one. There are so many memories that make me nostalgic yet I managed to pick a couple.
Although these images are my old residential area which is called jumeira village circle I really miss it after shifting a month ago.
Completely deserted with only a few building developing here and there its such a peace of mind to look out of the balcony no matter the hot climate as its got a serene beauty which can never push you indoors.
Nights are the times that reminds you your Abroad with a line up of colorful lights glooming in the dark sky.

Bird watching from my Balcony

The two birds who were screaming loud enough scaring me a bit and making me wonder what can that sound be from as I rush to the window I was smiling and ran back to grab my camera to get a picture of this very rare bird that has visited the area for the first time (according to me)

The two birds who were screaming loud enough scaring me a bit and making me wonder what can that sound be from as I rush to the window I was smiling and ran back to grab my camera to get a picture of this very rare bird that has visited the area for the first time (according to me)


The two lovely birds who were seated in peace on my neighbours balcony chirping with their sweet voice as rush with camera to get a closer picture using my 16 mp camera.

The two lovely birds who were seated in peace on my neighbours balcony chirping with their sweet voice as rush with camera to get a closer picture using my 16 mp camera.

Creative Writing Challenge :2 AM Photo

After a long day on Monday night we had dinner early watching Masterchef Australia and went to bed early by 9 pm.
Soon as I got to bed I fell asleep due to the weekday workload. I was walking through my house in Sri Lanka talking and playing with family and friends eating my favorite Sri Lankan meals when I herd my phone beep which indicated I’ve got an iMessage. As I grabbed my phone I realized that its 2 am and eating Sri Lankan meals was just a dream.
Smiling away the memories of my dream I open up to see who it was from anxiously to my surprise only to find its from my sister and its only a picture with no words.
As I wait impatiently for the image to download I quickly open my gallery to check the picture wondering what it can be, hundreds of thoughts running in my mind as I do so. Can it be a new dress she bought? Or is it a dessert she tried? Is it a restaurant they went to? A friends wedding picture? A new watch she got as a gift? Or can it be a cockroach she killed? Well what’s so important that made her send at this time of the day?
As I view the picture happily expecting something different and unique I was laughing all the way rolling on to grab a pillow to support myself from waking other members of the house as I texted her hastily thanking for her picture.
I know everyone else is anxious to find out what I saw, obviously am gona share the picture with you below.


On a chat conversation during the earlier part of the day she asked me if I like eating watermelon and I replied “yes”. She promised me she will send it to me and apparently she did send and am glad she sent it in a very pleasing way.
Thank you sis

Weekly Photo Challenge : Lunchtime

Vegetable fried rice with chicken devil one of my favorite lunchtime meals my aunt used to prepare during family gatherings.
Always reminds me of her culinary skills and the taste. Living abroad and being homesick I always think of the variety if dishes she prepare and this is one dish I managed to prepare to her level.
My aunt used to serve it with a side dish of stir fried brinjal which would be even better if I only could have been able to make exactly as she did, very sad to admit yet the truth is that I am still trying.

A Daily Post – My Road to blogging



I was 19 when I started my diploma in computing and I was a very reserved person who had a few friends. I used to watch television dramas during my free time mainly my interest was in Hindi dramas. One such drama was praveena (kasautii zindagii Kay) a story about a women named praveena and her life. As usual the story was a mixture of family, love, relationships and career. Praveena was a media person it’s not that I loved the story but it was a mere amusement. It was about the job the main character and her co actors were involved on which was journalism according to the story and it was through that story I got to know what media was and what their responsibilities and duties are, after watching that drama I wanted to learn more about the real life media and journalism. I then started my search for knowledge of the journalism and media.
I started with news papers. During that time I dint own a mobile phone and dreamt of being a software engineer soon, I was not familiar with the internet although I was following a diploma in information and communication technology I only had access to a desktop computer.
After a year my dad gave his old mobile phone for me to use and that’s when I was introduced to the internet and came across WordPress while doing a random search for publishing articles online, by which time I was aspiring to be a famous writer.
I always wanted to write and share my articles. I wanted a wide range of audience. I created my first ever account on WordPress. I did publish only one article and dint know how to neither use nor customize a WordPress account. I missed track of my WordPress account after a few days and never logged in to my blog for a few years.
Many years went by spending time writing on books and saving them in my cupboard. A year before I got married and living abroad.
A few months before my brother-in-law was discussing about working online and the demand for WordPress software developers. Suddenly I remembered my blog and logged in to discover that I’ve forgotten my password, after a few steps I gained access to my blog. It was easy to start blogging as I did a good deal of research on blogging watched a few videos.
I listed down three points –
1. What is blogging?
2. What should I post?
3. How should I post?
Immediately I began going through a few blogs, learning about WordPress and published my first ever blog post. It was a recipe and I dint have much plans except to see how things worked and what exactly people like to see on my blog.
I was impatiently waiting for a couple of days and on the third day I had a message in my inbox. As I opened my mail I was really happy and overwhelmed with joy as if I succeeded in my lifetime ambition.
Yes, I did! All I wanted was to write and get a great deal of audience to my blog and share with them my interest, my passion and my skills.
I was so happy that I sent my husband a message with a link to my blog within a week I started getting a few visits and only one like.
I did not give up, I was satisfied with that one like.
I told myself, this is enough you can get through maf.
Blogging is for every one of us the trick is to know the expectations of our audience and who they are?
There is no rule that one should have a degree to post an article on a blog and you don’t have to get your articles approved by an editor to publish it. That is what I love about blogging, the freedom of expression with the freedom to post all articles in our own style is what this wonderful blogging platform provides. Hats off to the WordPress team.
After many posts and following my fellow bloggers I came across the challenges. I love challenges and badly wanted to be a part of one challenge. The first time I entered was with the help of a fellow blogger whom I have never met except via WordPress asked her a few tips on how to participate on writing challenge. The main aim I wanting to enter a challenge was to be featured and freshly pressed on WordPress. We all do want our posts to be freshly pressed don’t we?
So did I and started writing and posting articles and pictures on a writing or photo challenge. I always believed that my posts are worth to be freshly pressed and every time I see other posts being featured on freshly pressed I was rather disappointed but determined to post something even better the next time.
I was wandering around with many questions and I believe each and every blogger should find an answer to the questions below –
1. My first question was why should I be disappointed if I am not freshly pressed?
2. What have I received on participating in the weekly challenges?
3. What do I really want from blogging?
4. Why do I blog?
5. Haven’t I received a large number of audiences within this short period of frequent blogging?
6. Isn’t a few likes and views more than enough as a first step in my blogging life?
7. Have I posted goo quality articles and pictures to suit my audience?
8. Isn’t getting a good amount of views from bloggers around the world my only aim?
9. Haven’t I improved my writing skills by participating in weekly writing challenges?
10. Do I need to be freshly pressed to be happy?
I found answers to each question as went through other blogs. I have more reasons to be happy than being freshly pressed.
On top of all I have improved my writing and blogging skills, interacted with many people from around the world, and shared many posts that my audience liked and what more can I expect.
Yes if I was freshly pressed that would be one of my achievements.
But I have received many views and many likes for posts that I have published as a participant of a weekly challenge, that’s what I wanted.
All I wanted through blogging is to improve my writing skills, share my passion, my knowledge and socialize with people around the world and I have achieved my target. Now I know what I want, and have got a clear idea on which I should focus.
I am an addicted blogger. I love blogging.
I know many of us might think the same way as I did about being freshly pressed as our only aim and that’s because we are addicted bloggers.
Dear valuable readers,

Don’t worry if you are freshly pressed or not. All that matters are why you started blogging and what have you done to reach your aim? If your time comes you will get freshly pressed until then participate, post and have fun.
Life has thought me many lessons but blogging has given me a great deal of experience which I wouldn’t have gained if I wasn’t a blogger.
I am now a happy guest blogger, the author of shopaholic’s diary on WordPress and a freelance writer.
My friends ask me what I do and my answer is ” I Blog”.
My life was always filled with books and I spent most of my weekends at the British council library going through every shelf. The amazing interior and peaceful atmosphere at the British council library encouraged me to stay there longer and I enjoyed every moment. Now I live in another country where the British council library is not available and I have no time for libraries but I spare most of my time for blogging.
I would like to mention last but not least that this is my first ever post with more than 1000 words and I have discovered that anyone can write any amount of words if they write it passionately.
Guys if you’ll love blogging as much as I do, copy and paste the badge in your blogs if you wish (just for fun).
Happy blogging to all you guys!!!

Weekly Photo Challenge : Big

A huge chandelier that is approx 10-12 foot in height and around 6-7 foot width made out of 100.000 crystals, Gold plated over the silver I was really amazed by the size of this chandelier standing besides it admiring the beauty and surprised by the size of it I was glad the shop owner gladly gave me permission to take a few pictures of this humongous chandelier