Weekly Writing Challenge : Backward


Finally got my books exchanged and walked out happily capturing panoramic images through my new Samsung galaxy s4.

Its humongous, isnt it?

Its was a very fine day when my hubby’s cousin told me about the logos hope which is a missionary ship with volunteers from many parts of the world working together to help the underprivileged.
Its a ship with a bookfair where people can buy books for a fraction of the retail price. I agree to my cousins wird that the books are very cheap.
I was eager to visit the ship from the time I herd of it. I was searching online for the details of arrival at the colombo harbour.
My favourite Sunday newspaper and a social media site had an article about the ship arrival in sri lanka and I fixed a date with ny family members to make it a day out.

I couldn’t wait to visit the bookfair.
Finally it was a Thursday evening as the clock stuck three we started getting ready expecting the rain to stop as I had an infant whom I had no other option apart from carrying him along.

We started of by four to the harbour and as we reached we had to park our car and get the tickets from where we were escorted into a bus which will take us to the harbour.
As we went closer to the ship I was really happy to walk in. It was my first ever visit to a real ship and my first visit to the harbour.
As we entered we were welcomed by a crew member and was given a short tutorial about how the bookfair works and a short briefing of logos hopes mission.
Soon afterwards we entered the book fair where there were hundreds and thousands of books on various fields. Everuone can find a book if you are interested in reading. I am addicted to cook books and my favourite was a few baking books. I managed to get one and thought my hubby would be interested in dietery books so grabed a couple of them and walked towards the cafe where my family members met and had a chat over a cup of hot chocolate and popcorns. Kids prefered something cool so we got some lime juices and ice creams.

Soon afterwards we came out of the ship through a passage which led outdoors with a line up of benches, a sailors dummy, huge travelling bag which I believe should be the largest in the world (cos I stood inside it and got a few pictures “not that am 7 feet ) there were many sorta of souvenirs like keytags, badges, 3d model ship making sheets, pena and many more.

As we came out of the ship we took some pictures and returned home.
Soon after coming home and freshening up I remembered I forgot to take the pictures on panorama mode and felt like dashing backwards like harry potter does through a time tuner and redoing the photographing. Yet it was impossible so I made up my mind. The same noght I was talking to my hubby about my adventure and the books I found. He was less interested in the books as we both have a very clear knowledge of lowcarb and dietery proportions. Soon after the call I was eager to return the books and get some other book which I badly wanted.


On monday I returned to the ship with my family and selected a few books I wanted and rusged to the counter with a doubt if they might exchange.
I was lucky enough to get the books exchanged and as I came towards the bus I switched my phone camera to panorama mode and clicked a few pictures in various angles.
The best angle is posted on top of the post.



December 4th 2012 winter mornings

A few days before it was raining with a little bit of lightning for a few hours here in Dubai. As winter has approached the climate is awesome. I really love dubai during winter.
Today Early morning at 6:45 am I slightly drew the curtains to see If it’s raining and found this lovely view from my balcony.
Yes, a beautiful cloudy sky with blue, grey and a lovely pink. I guess the sun has just started rising and the sky was looking beautiful. Nature has many natural colors.
Standing along my balcony the winter air blows in a slow breeze while I enjoy the beauty of nature, birds flying around from one place to another buses and cars moving fast on al khail road, school busses moving around emirates garden 1, construction workers starting the days work with more buildings being built around in this developing area called Jumeira village circle it’s really a kind of meditation to wake up early and admire the beauty of nature.


Smoothie Contest by Aquarius at the Balance Cafe

I really enjoy participating in contests that gives me an opportunity to display my talents.

Whether I win or lose all that matters to me is that I participated in a contest. there are many who feel bad for loosing a contest but all I look into is what I learnt from my failure. life has taught many of us good things by our failures so did this smoothie contest teach me that kiwi smoothie is different but yet not a very good option.

oasis wellness festival at the oasis center in Dubai is being held from the 8th to 24th November.
There are many activities like the diabetic walk, free RBS check ups and blood pressure checks to create awareness amongst the public and encouraging fitness by many yoga sessions and healthy cooking shows for kids.

The smoothie making contest was one such healthy program.

I always make an avocado or papaw smoothie at home but never have tried a kiwi smoothie.

My husband always did add some fruits that was left at home for example he used to add a banana with another fruit that’s available and make a smoothie.

As a person who is obsessed of masterchef Australia and any other cookery shows I have always dreamt of participating in an invention test.

The smoothie contest was an invention test. as many of the participants selected strawberries dates and cocoa I decided to get some kiwi with banana.

I have never read there was a kiwi smoothie but I prepared it and tasted although the taste was palatable it was not very good for a person who has a sweet tooth like me.

What I learnt from the contest

  1. yogurt added to a smoothie enhances the flavor and especially with a fruit like kiwi.
  2. honey is healthier than sugar and equally sweet as sugar.

At the end of the contest I received a complimentary issue of Aquarius magazine November issue.

Kiwi Smoothie


3 ripe kiwis peeled

2 ripe bananas

1/8 cup milk

1/3 cup yogurt

1 dsp honey


peel kiwi and banana.

add to the blender with honey, milk and yoghurt.

blend well until evenly combined.

add a few cubes of ice if you prefer with ice.

substitute kiwi with avocado or any other fruit of choice.

pour into a glass and serve.

Expat life in Dubai

How I see the expat life seated in the middle of the food court surrounded by expats as 99% of the Dubai population is expats.
in my opinion expat life is home, work and shopping malls.
apart from visiting the malls for grocery, weekends become bored when you have no much contact or friends to handout with, so which is why there are many malls that is packed with a huge crowd on every weekends. especially if it’s a festival season the parking lot is full.
The sound of Bell ringing every minute from the merry-go-round, dads pushing prams with busy Mums taking care of the other kids or the bags with baby stuff and sometimes the shopping cart.
Busy shoppers walking towards the shops looking around for offers as the shops keep people busy with fabulous and exciting offers throughout the year with or without reasons.
People tired of shopping and hungry after finishing their work who seemed to forget they’ve got a stomach which gets hungry and needs to be fed. shopping always seem to make people forget loads of stuff.
Here at the food court seated till I get my lunch I seem to have forgotten that I am hungry mesmerized by the idea I got as I type the words before I forget on my iPhone 4 I was really enjoying every moment.
Flash lights going on and off from cameras around people clicking every moment to share with family and friend or save for the future generation
People looking around for a seat to sit and eat.
Family and friends get together, week-end outings with lots of smiles and laughter.
Next to me a couple of Elderly ladies enjoying a cone of vanilla ice cream.
Another Middle age couple sharing a piece of cake romantically over casual chat.
kids running around with maids chasing, they seem really attracted towards the end of the food court where the kids play area is set.


Weekly Photo Challenge : Happy

What brings happiness to an expat?
Living abroad leaving family and friends back in our home country means a lot of sacrifice for those going abroad to earn an extra income.
No matter what type of culture you come from we all love our home country, family and friends.
It’s really difficult to stay away from our own country and live in another country where you know none other than a few co- workers and room mates.
The only time when we feel happy is when we go out for shopping or visiting a place that’s really known for tourism, where you get to see many people although you don’t know any of them personally they are all in the same boat. That is how expat life is.
Expats are happy by clicking a picture where ever they go and sharing it with family and friends back home. Those who see the photos also enjoy and be happy with the satisfaction that their brother, sister, son, daughter, parents or friends are happy where ever they are living.
This week am sharing a few photographs on my weekend spent at Ferrari world Abu Dhabi which made me happy. I always wanted to visit the Ferrari world in abu dhabi and yesterday was that day when my dream came true.
I was really happy enjoying a ride in the worlds fastest roller coaster screaming as loud as I could.
These pictures also display a few expats like me who were also happily enjoying their weekend.






are you planning your next trip?
check these pictures out and if you looking for an al in one outing then sri lanka is the best.
places to visit-
HIKKADUWA famous for its coral and beaches. Hikkaduwa coral gardens are known as the best out of all coral gardens found in Asia , Hikaduwa is also the best spot for snorkeling and and surfing.
Pinnawela elephant orphanage
Dalada maligawa
National museum
Bentota beach hotel
Yala wild life sanctuary
Wilpattu national park
Trincomale the hot water springs (trincomale is very lovely place)
Peradeniya botanical gardens kandy
The Dutch hospital shopping complex colombo
Mount Lavinia beach for some relaxing 🙂
Negombo beach hotel

check out the Rainforest Ecolodge – Deniyaya for a great experience of staying in sri lanka.
more editing in a few hours 🙂


“World’s Famous Ghost Towns

Ghost Towns, does it sound familiar?
Whether you’ve heard of a ghost town in a movie, a newspaper article or any other source I decided to give all of you guys out there a very brief insight into ghost towns and the top 10 ghost towns in the world.
As a hobby which is to research, write and blog anything and everything that interests me which I really enjoy sharing on my blog today, I am glad to have found a new subject to write on about.
The first I did was gather some information about Ghost Towns and here is what I found;
A ghost town is an abandoned city, town or village which contains substantial visible remains of that place. Most of the ghost towns were populated and flourishing but later became abandoned after the collapse of its main business activity for e.g.; coal mining or gold and natural resources, etc.
Some of the causes of a town being called as a ghost towns are listed below;
Diminution of natural resources such as;
1. Gold exploration
2. Coal mining
Natural calamities such as;
1. Flood
2. Earthquake
Human made disasters and other such as;
1. Nuclear accidents
2. Loss of potential business
3. Economic crisis
4. Emergence of war

Apart from the collapse of the main business due to natural and human caused disasters which has turned these wonderful cities into Ghost Towns and become tourist attractions due to periodic architecture.
The top 10 Ghost Towns
in the world are listed below;
1. Bodie mono county California
2. Kowloon walled city
3. Kolmanskop Namibia
4. Ovadour sur glane
5. Prypiat Ukraine
6. Craco Italy
7. Pompeii Italy
8. Bam Italy
9. Minam
10. St Elmo Colorado

If you like to learn more on this subject check out the link below and probably you could include into your next travel itinerary.

Street Food/Shawarma/Dubai

Have I been away from blogging for a long week or less with no posts? Oh, my that’s kinda unbelievable for me. Yea blogging is almost my full time job. Everywhere I go or whatever I do I think of how to present something as an interesting article.
Yesterday was a very fine day, had a long drive from Jumeira village circle to deira. Here in Dubai the temperature is around 30-40 during the night, I am guessing based on the weather report I heard a few weeks ago on the radio. I never Checked it since then will be checking soon, these days have been very busy. But believe me it’s so  hot and you can never spend the night out in the streets walking for too long unless someone invents a  cooler like a sweater.
Walking along the streets close to al wasl or souq as they’ve named it, everywhere you smell the delicious mouth watering aroma of grilled chicken, Which is grilled in a skewer placed along a grill vertically for almost a day or so, hot and spicy as you can call it to the Arabian level of spiciness, where as my level is way too adventurous, being born and brought up in Sri Lanka we opt for a bit extra spiciness.
Let’s get back to the grilled chicken, there is a grilled beef option as well. Both are delicious but chicken is my favorite when it comes to a shawarma.
Shawarmas are a flat bread or Rotti filled with those grilled chicken or beef, a vegetable salad and some tomatoes with a couple of spoons of humus which goes really well with the arabic flat bread/Rotti that is used for the shawarmas, always served with a slice of pickled green chillie, carrot, jalapeño or gherkin.
I got some pictures but unfortunately I couldnt get a picture of the shawarma as I had no patience to wait till I get home to eat it, the exciting smell of the shawarma said eat ‘ASAP’ so I ate it in the car. I really enjoy eating while driving. Oooops! I dint mean it that way, I wasn’t driving my hubby was!!!


The pickle I got it’s still sitting in my shelf I love pickles.


The chicken that stands on the grill all day grilling, which is shaved into bite size thin piece and wrapped in the rotti/flat bread.