Early morning 5 o’clock @ Jumeira village circle

Early morning as I looked out of the window I could see such a peaceful amazing view of al khail road through a row of street lamps still lit. Early mornings are very calm sometimes with chirping birds at 6 am which is when you feel like going out for a walk. I usually enjoy watching the nature, specially the dawn and dusk which is always peaceful no matter in which country. As the night turns in to a lovely morning specially when you look out of the window all that comes to ones mind is full of fresh thoughts.
Wake up early in the morning go for a jog or walk and enjoy till you hear the birds chirping, start your day with freshness.
Have a nice day!!!



Movie – Nachos & Hotdogs


The dark night rises (bat man) was recently released on the 16th of august in cinemas around Dubai.
A movie about a superhero called bat man well that’s no more a kids movie.
It was really awesome.
Watching it at the worlds largest mall the Dubai mall which has over 25 cinema theaters with a bucket of pop corns or a box of nachos, a large coke and a hot dog was something I love.
Batman was so interesting that I never even thought of eating hotdogs.
Yea, who will!!!

Street Food/Shawarma/Dubai

Have I been away from blogging for a long week or less with no posts? Oh, my that’s kinda unbelievable for me. Yea blogging is almost my full time job. Everywhere I go or whatever I do I think of how to present something as an interesting article.
Yesterday was a very fine day, had a long drive from Jumeira village circle to deira. Here in Dubai the temperature is around 30-40 during the night, I am guessing based on the weather report I heard a few weeks ago on the radio. I never Checked it since then will be checking soon, these days have been very busy. But believe me it’s so  hot and you can never spend the night out in the streets walking for too long unless someone invents a  cooler like a sweater.
Walking along the streets close to al wasl or souq as they’ve named it, everywhere you smell the delicious mouth watering aroma of grilled chicken, Which is grilled in a skewer placed along a grill vertically for almost a day or so, hot and spicy as you can call it to the Arabian level of spiciness, where as my level is way too adventurous, being born and brought up in Sri Lanka we opt for a bit extra spiciness.
Let’s get back to the grilled chicken, there is a grilled beef option as well. Both are delicious but chicken is my favorite when it comes to a shawarma.
Shawarmas are a flat bread or Rotti filled with those grilled chicken or beef, a vegetable salad and some tomatoes with a couple of spoons of humus which goes really well with the arabic flat bread/Rotti that is used for the shawarmas, always served with a slice of pickled green chillie, carrot, jalapeño or gherkin.
I got some pictures but unfortunately I couldnt get a picture of the shawarma as I had no patience to wait till I get home to eat it, the exciting smell of the shawarma said eat ‘ASAP’ so I ate it in the car. I really enjoy eating while driving. Oooops! I dint mean it that way, I wasn’t driving my hubby was!!!


The pickle I got it’s still sitting in my shelf I love pickles.


The chicken that stands on the grill all day grilling, which is shaved into bite size thin piece and wrapped in the rotti/flat bread.


Seasonal Decoration @ Mall of the Emirates

The seasonal decoration at mall of the emirates in Dubai. As we drove to the rooftop parking I saw these elegant lights through the glass of the roof. These lights seemed like palm tree design. So I went in and had a good look and found out it was stars and crescents that looked like palm trees from the outside.